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Cleaning your ventilation ducts allows you to optimize the performance of your ventilation system and breathe more safely.

Package 1 residential

Dryer vent cleaning, residential and commercial services.Dryer vent cleaning, residential and commercial services.

Prices subject to change according to the origin of the blockage.

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Package 2 residential

Full cleaning and antibacterial treatment of central residential system.

Total limit of 12 intakes, outputs and combined air returns. Fees per additional intake, return or output.

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Package 3 residential

Includes package 1 and 2 + bathroom fan and kitchen hood duct.

All packages include antibacterial treatment. Fees per additional intake, return or output.

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Did you know that...

A ventilation duct that does not receive sustained maintenance is an ideal environment for the development of mold and micro-organisms like bacteria that cause health problems such as allergies for your family and employees.

Our technicians

Our teams of technicians put in place solutions every day for large surface area businesses, business centres, factories, homes, buildings, condos and apartments. Our antibacterial products are environmentally friendly.

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Complete service

Nettoyage Air Pur offers complete ventilation duct cleaning service for all kinds of air conditioners, furnaces, air exchangers and dryers.

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3-step cleaning

1. Ducts are depressurized using an external collector for vacuuming.
2. Rotating brushes and whip heads use friction applied to the walls to dislodge dust and residue in depth.
3. An air compressor pushes dislodged dust and residue from the brush to the external collector.

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Did you know that...

The Act respecting occupational health and safety states that depending on the employer’s responsibilities, it must provide suitable sanitary installations, potable water, lighting and air circulation.

Fire prevention

Reduce the risk of fire with a full cleaning and dedusting of dryer duct vent, including your dryer every 2 to 3 years.

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Air Pur benefits

In addition to substantially improving the air quality and comfort for occupants, you will quickly see improved energy efficiency while preserving the useful lifespan of your equipment.

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Free estimate

Call us toll-free for more information about our packages, made-to-measure packages and residential and commercial promotions in effect at 1-844-231-2314.

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