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Dryer Vent Cleaning Services Starting at $129*


Package 1 residential

Dryer vent cleaning, residential and commercial services.Dryer vent cleaning, residential and commercial services.

Prices subject to change according to the origin of the blockage.

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Package 2 residential

Full cleaning and antibacterial treatment of central residential system.

Total limit of 12 intakes, outputs and combined air returns. Fees per additional intake, return or output.

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Package 3 residential

Includes package 1 and 2 + bathroom fan and kitchen hood duct.

All packages include antibacterial treatment. Fees per additional intake, return or output.

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Nettoyage Air Pur offers a full lineup of cleaning programs for all types of ventilation ducts, both residential and commercial.

01.Inspection of vent ducts.

Essential step for checking leaks or water accumulations in ventilation ducts.

02.Application of antibacterial product.

If required, our technicians apply approved products that eliminate the source of certain problems related to air quality inside your home or business.

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03.Full cleaning and dedusting

of ventilation ducts, air exchanger, extract air removal, fresh air intake, furnace and the dryer duct.

05.Submission of a certificate

Attesting to the quality of work and a regular interval maintenance program.

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